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Mastering Complexity – Aircraft Maintenance North America

apixxo has been invited to develop a software solution for advanced planning, scheduling and optimization in the very demanding environment of MRO.

 The data volume is as follows

  •      4‘700 staff
  •         30 planners /schedulers
  •         22 MRO lines
  •        169 cost centers
  •     2‘000 work and machine shops
  •   50‘000 active orders at any point of time
  • 900‘000 parts
  • 750‘000 operational plans

MRO - Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul - is a though field of business because

  • Cost of aircrafts on the ground is high and need to be minimized.
  • Numerous controls, repairs and tasks have to be performed within a mandatory period for each aircraft. The knowledge of interdependencies of tasks, potential bottle necks, cycle times and costs helps optimize the chain of order tasks to be performed. Example given: A not yet due intervention might be executed now together with other tasks in order to avoid an additional time on the ground in the near future.
  • Unexpected events force an ongoing rescheduling of work.
  • Hundreds of thousands of spare parts have to be ordered, handled and traced according to the corresponding prescription in the operation plan.
  • Certified and highly qualified staff is needed at any time.
  • All relevant parameters combined together generate millions of operations planning variants (and more), among which the best must be identified and executed.

For the customer in North America, a major player in charge of MRO for airline jets, like Airbus, Boeing und Embräer, apixxo has been asked to deliver a software solution with its in-memory technology. This technology enables users to work interactively with the system through very complex planning scenarios necessitating the calculation of big real time data.

With apixxo solution, users

  • Get at any time the target and actual data – delay, costs, cycle time - for any order and for the order portfolio,
  • Have all accepted orders processed along the defined set of priorities and the resources and staff scheduled,
  • Receive immediate information on the feasibility and earnings potential of a last minute order inquiry.

In such an environment, performance, safety, stability of operations as well as traceability of all steps performed are a must.

apixxo applies Petri-Net in order to master the complex, intricate and changing order nets. This mathematical model supports stepwise processes that include choice, iteration and concurrent execution, taking into account pre- and post-conditions for each individual step.

As for the optimization, the customer asked for system automatic calculations and for ad-hoc What-if analyses. The typical focus lays on dimensions like costs respectively earnings, lead times and/or aircraft time on the ground. The user chooses between different optimization algorithms and conducts the relevant computations.

apixxo technology is predestined for complex issues in a competitive environment where sound decisions have to be made under great time pressure.

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