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apixxo is Your Partner for Individual Business Processes

What is apixxo doing?

apixxo is a consulting and software company, specializing in the design of customer-individual business processes and their implementation. With our software platform, featherlite framework, we put in place tailor-made planning, scheduling, and execution control decision support systems. Our mathematical know-how enables us to generate optimized schedules, yielding higher productivity and lowering overall costs. A unique feature of featherlite is its ability to control shop-floor devices like conveyors, carriers, and robots, thus allowing for one single software layer between ERP and production. Our customers come mostly from the logistics and manufacturing realm. We now see a growing interest in other industries and services.

Agile Approach

We deploy an agile approach in our projects. This means that the software solution is created in very close communication with the customer, ensuring that the final product exactly covers expectations. We typically begin with workshops, in which the needs and priorities are clarified and the requirements defined. The customer is also given access to the development environment and invited to give onging feedback. Our approach and software solutions enjoy high user acceptance.

Process Design and Data Modelling

We design the key processes first, then build up the data model. Our modelling language and tools give us the necessary flexibility to come up with a customer-individual solution quickly. The first productive version is typically delivered in a time span but of weeks. Our customers are put in the position where they can define their very own and specific processes and fully exploit their competitive advantages.  Our development environment supports continuous improvement and is set to cope with their future process changes, additional data fields, new constraints, etc. thus lengthens the life of the software applications 

Planning and Scheduling

Once the processes and the model are created, the built-in algorithms of featherlite come into play. Their role is to plan and schedule all activities according to a set of optimization criteria, like delivery time, costs, a.s.o. If needed, our optimization experts will design and implement customer-specific algorithms, allowing to unveil treasures of untapped efficiency. Talk to us to find out the potential in your company!

Application Development

An integral part of an apixxo project is to develop a customer-individual application, including the integration of legacy systems, databases and user interfaces. Featherlite modular architecture and generic software components not only boost development speed, but also guarantee high code quality and reliabiliy. 

Optimized Shop Floor Integration

It is a unique feature of featherlite to be a "single layer software" between ERP and production. featherlite can control shop-floor devices like conveyors, carriers, robots, RFID-readers, printers, etc. as desired. This means that planned processes can be put into execution without extra effort. Our best practice is to work with relatively simple PLC implementations and defer overall control to the featherlite application. This gives us highest flexibility and eases maintenance.