Optimize your automation, execution and control processes.


Bring your aircrafts faster back in the air with our MRO Planning & Scheduling solution.


Ensure smart drug logistics.


Master complexity.


De-bottleneck in real-time.


Design your competitive business process.


Accelerate your intralogistics.


Accelerate Your Processes with In-Memory Technology

apixxo is a consulting and software company. With its own products it provides In-Memory Business Processing. It has a profound expertise in the fields of Advanced Planning, Scheduling, Execution, Automation and Optimization Algorithms.

In-Memory Business Processing

  • Boost of application performance
  • Interactive What-If analysis
  • Real-Time Processing of Big Data


Advanced Planning & Scheduling

  • Strategic decision support
  • Resources and Staff allocation
  • Real-Time Scheduling
  • Debottlenecking


Execution & Automation

  • Execution Control of Schedules
  • Control of PLC Devices like Robots and Conveyors
  • Warehouse Control


Standard Software for Individual Processes

  • Customized Data Model
  • Configurable, Generic Software Components
  • Agile Project Management and quick delivery


Powerful Development Environment

  • Featherlite framework for In-Memory solutions
  • Extensible Data Model
  • Easy to combine software components 
  • Operating system independent


Optimization & Algorithms

  • Potential Analysis for Planning Optimization
  • Individual Algorithm Consulting and Design
  • Mathematical Know-how