Optimize your automation, execution and control processes.


Bring your aircrafts faster back in the air with our MRO Planning & Scheduling solution.


Ensure smart drug logistics.


Master complexity.


De-bottleneck in real-time.


Design your competitive business process.


Accelerate your intralogistics.


Modes & Components

Operational Modes

  • Standalone
    • Featherlite server runs as application
    • Rich client access
  • Hosted
    • Featherlite server runs in application server, e.g., Tomcat
    • Rich and web client access
    • Web service interfaces

Persistence Modes

  • Transient
    • Data management only with in-memory database
    • For high-performance applications
  • Cached
    • Caching of objects with in-memory database
    • Changes of objects persisted in database
  • Transactional
    • Data management only in database
    • Transactional queries and services (ACID)

Runtime Components

  • Services
    • One service per use-case
    • Additional use-cases can be added
  • Scheduler
    • Planning of tasks on resources
    • Feasibility checks
  • Handler
    • Persistence management
    • Integration management


  • Cost calculation integrated
  • Optimized resource allocation
  • Library of optimization algorithms
    • Maximum flows
    • Assignment problem
    • Shortest path
    • Minimum spanning trees
    • Simulated annealing
    • Design on request


  • Forward planning
    • As soon as possible
    • Tasks as close to release date as possible
  • Backward planning
    • Just in time
    • Tasks as close to due date as possible
  • Feasibility and availability checks
  • Specific algorithms